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Hydrogen Rotary Engine Fueled


Hydrogen fueled ICE vehicle has high reliability and it required less investment for mass production than fuel cell vehicle, in future this type of engine improve there role in automotive power source, When we required high power density and instant power respond we can use hydrogen ICE and this  is more useful.

Hydrogen rotary engine is based on unique rotary type technology, it does not emits CO2 and more convenient to environmental conditions.
In this the engine has both internal direct injectors and external premix injectors to realize both high output power and low Nox emissions.
Here hydrogen is pollution free alternative fuel, hydrogen seems to be most promising alternative fuel. when hydrogen burns it produces clean energy.
Hydrogen can produced easily. it is the lightest fuel and rich in energy per unit mass.
This has main advantage in engine like Wankel rotary engine because when hydrogen is exposed to hot sparks it  can burst the fuel tank.

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