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3D Printing and uses of 3D Printing

About 3D Printing

3D Printing is the process of making a physical object from a three dimensional digital model by laying down many thin layers of a material on one after one is a 3D Printing.
It is all about creating a three dimensional solid body with the help of digital file.

A 3D Model is generated with the help of CAD like 3D modeling software or depends up on data generated with a 3D scanner, in this we can scan the object.

3D Modeling software is widely used in many industries like aerospace, manufacturing areas, fabrics, fashion, furniture design etc... and many other ways.

If u want to print a 3D drawing first you need to upload your file in a 3D printer, slicing is used to cut the drawing into horizontal slices, The slicing software also include 3D printer settings like seep to print,height of the layers etc..and there are shortcut codes like G-codes the 3D printer can able to
understand the G-codes.

3D Printing is highly used by many manufacturing industries it is increasing day by day, this industry encompasses many forms of technologies and materials.

Uses Of 3d Printing:

There are many courses offered by universities that are used to 3D printing like 3D design and CAD Courses. By the help of new technology there are many uses in different fields like aerospace, medical, manufacturing etc..

Using 3D printing there are many benefits like:

  * It increases the speed of production.
  * It gives best quality.
  * More accuracy
  * You can test the product  and design
  * Cost effectiveness
  * Different types of shapes you can design
  * Less waste production..etc..

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