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What is Bio-diesel & Uses of bio-diesel


Bio-diesel is an alternative fuel that can be used for ruining the motors, vehicles. we can use it by directly or by blending methods. if we use directly the engine may get damage so we use blending method. it does not contain no petroleum, but to become bio-diesel blend we can blended at any level with petroleum.

It is produced from vegetable oils,animal fat.With the help of this waste oils we can produce bio-diesel. in this there is a chemical components like ALKYL ESTERS, ethyl, propyl etc.. this are fatty alcohol acids esters.
This can be used directly or by blending method it can blend up to 20% and used in diesel equipment with small changes
applied to engine.
This production is increasing day by day, this is a economic production. By using modern technology and intelligent methods we can reduce the cost of manufacturing bio-diesel and can increase the productivity.
It has an advantage of clean burning.

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