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About gear geometry and types of properties like width, top land, bottom land

 Gear geometry:

Gear geometry explains the total properties of gear. this helps to find the total structure of gear.

 different types of properties 

1) Top Land:

  The top surface of the gear tooth is called as top land.

2) Bottom Land:

   It is the surface of the bottom which is in between the teeth of the gear.

3) Tooth Thickness:
  The tooth thickness is measured by its width along the pitch circle.

4) Space Width:
  It is measured between the two adjacent teeth with a pitch circle.

5) Face Width:
   Face width is the gear tooth width that is measured along with the axis of the gear.

6) The face of the tooth:
  It is known as the gear tooth surface which is above the pitch surface.

7) The flank of the tooth:
  It is the surface of gear which is below the pitch surface.

8) Circular pitch:
 This is the distance which is measured on the circumference of the pitch circle. which is measured   from the point on the tooth to the corresponding point on the adjacent tooth.

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