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comparison Between Four-Stroke Cycle Engine and Two Stroke Cycle Engine

Four-Stroke Cycle Engine:

  • In this Turning movement is non-uniform, a Heavier flywheel is used.
  • Initial stage cost is high.
  • Volumetric efficiency is high due to Induction time is more.
  • Small Power is produced for the same size as the engine to two-stroke.
  • There is less in tear and wear. 
  • It requires less lubrication system
  • It requires less cooling system.
  • Thermal efficiency is high in four strokes.
  • Efficiency increases the use of the Four-stroke engine.
  • This has valves.

Two Stroke Cycle Engine:

  • Due to the uniform turning movement Lighter flywheel is used.
  • Initial stage cost is Low.
  • Due to Induction time is less Volumetric Efficiency is low.
  • High power is produced for the same size of the engine.
  • High in tear and wear rate.
  • It requires high cooling system.
  • It requires high Lubrication system.
  • Less in thermal efficiency.
  • It is used where there is less efficiency consider, like small vehicles.
  • It has ports.
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