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Nanotechnology and uses of nanotechnology in different industries

Nanotechnology and uses of nanotechnology in different industries


Nanotechnology is the study and application of very small things and can be used across all the other technologies like science fields, such as biology, physics, chemistry, engineering, & materials science.
Nanotechnology is the continuous development process, it used to produce or manufacture the desired properties that required to use. this can be achieved by Manipulation of individual atoms and molecules.

  • Nanotechnology is used in every field is nowadays, by this, there is a large difference in development in the different type of technologies like. Energy innovations, nano-medicine, nano-biotechnology, the different type of industrial applications, green nanotechnology, Space industry, Electronics, Solar, Energy storage, Carbon nano tubes, Food, Paints, Construction, Aerospace industry, Health etc.
  • Nanotechnology made changes in each and every field with the required properties.
  • It is going to change the next generation with a huge modification. 
  • There are some changes are made by nanotechnologies using in some industries for development.
  • Nano-materials, Nano-structuring these applications are used in commercial and industrial applications.
  • By using the nano-crystalline materials cutting tools are made by this it can withstand to the longer period than the normal ones, and there is a high wear and erosion resistance.
  • The development is done in nano-clays, nanocoatings, nanocomposites and also in the nanostructured surface.
  • Nanotechnology develops the technology with huge changes to make work easy and to make it work as long as possible.
  • This technology work is to develop the things stronger, tough and with high quality to withstand for long period.
  • This development does not stand for single technology it goes on multiplying their properties.
  • In modern developments Nanotechnologies are used in different fields some of them are.

Space Industry:

  • There is a huge development made in the space industry with present technology, By using Nanotechnology they want to improve the changes in the propulsion system. It is one of the important changes to make by nanotechnology. and in nano-sensors, this also useful in Radiation shielding improvement and it also works on the solar system.

Construction Industry:

  • Nanotechnology makes huge changes in different fields like stronger, durable, Air purification, and also in Fire resistance.
  • In this field, there is carbon nanotubes usages and different types of nano-particles like Iron oxide, carbon, silver etc..


  • This is the one of important resource we needed at present, In this field the changes made from day to day.
  • Nanotechnology improves a lot of changes and used to develop in both Conventional and Renewable energy.
  • This used to increases inefficiency, there is a huge improvement in energy distribution.
  • Storage of energy is important, it uses in energy supply and to develop the energy available source.

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