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Tungsten Inert Gas Welding Process, advantages, disadvantages and applications.

Tungsten Inert Gas Welding process:

  • TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) Welding is used for high-quality requirement. In this gas welding electrode is non-consumable tungsten. the welding metal thickness should be about 5 mm.
  • Inert gas welding has less efficiency and a slow process. 
  • This process is done by producing the arc between the non-consumable tungsten and welded metal. to shield the electrode and weld pool the gas should be fed through the torch.
  • We can use different types of shielding gases in this welding process like.
  • Argon, Argon+Hydrogen, Argon+Helium.
  • To increases, the heat input helium is added. and to get clean result welds and high heat input Hydrogen is added.

Applications of TIG welding:

  • Tungsten Inert Gas is used for welding sheet metals.
  • This is used for welding high temperature and hard surfacing materials.
  • This method is also used for stainless steel, magnesium alloys, copper base alloys etc.
  • This is also used for Aircraft industry applications.
  • This welding is used in the fabrication of rocket motors.

Advantages of Tig welding:

  • This welding process is highly used for thin materials. this type of welding gives good results for thin materials.
  • In this welding, there is a clear visibility of arc and workpiece, due to this, it can operate easily.
  • In this there is no flux coating due to this there is no harm by flux entrapment.
  • The work can don easily at any position, clean and perfectly by less spatter.

Limitations of TIG welding:

  • Due to the requirement of additional filler rod, it is relatively a slow process.
  • Tungsten material contaminates the weld, which is hard and brittle.
  • Shield causes Contamination to the weld metal when the filling comes out from the inert gas.
  • Equipment cost is high.
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