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Advantages and Disadvantages of Steam Jet Refrigeration system

Advantages and Disadvantages of Steam jet refrigeration system

Steam jet refrigeration system Advantages and Disadvantages: In this article we will learn about Advantages and Disadvantages of Steam jet refrigeration system.

Advantages of Steam Jet Refrigeration System

  • Steam jet refrigeration system used where there is no electricity.
  • This is mostly used where steam is highly available like..industrial areas, power plants etc.
  • This is non-inflammable.
  • This can be cooled directly without any high cooling systems.
  • This has less maintenance.
  • This has no vibrations.
  • Construction of this system is easy.
  • Cost of running is less.

Disadvantages of  Steam Jet Refrigeration System:

  • In condenser it required Motive steam and ejector vapor to be condensed.
  • It required high vacuum in the evaporator.
  • It has low Coefficient of pressure.
  • If there is below 4 degree C this system is not useful.
  • In this Air leakage may occur into the system.
  • This cannot be worked under 0 degrees C.

This can be used in different fields like..Power plants, Industries like paper, rubber etc.

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