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Different types of Engineering Materials and its Properties, Applications

Types of Engineering Materials and its Properties, Applications

Types of Engineering Materials: In this article you will know about  different types of Engineering materials, Properties of engineering materials, applications of engineering materials. The different types of engineering materials are High Carbon Steel, Medium Carbon Steel, Low Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Cast Iron, White cast iron, Malleable cast iron, Gray Cast Iron, Plastic, Rubber, Titanium. The Detailed Explanation about different types of engineering materials and its Properties, Applications is as follows.

High Carbon Steel:

Properties:   It has High hardness, more strength, good Wear Resistance and Abrasion Resistance. 
Applications:   This are used for bearings, springs, dies, tools, etc.

Medium Carbon Steel:

Properties:   It has hardness.and good tensile strength, it has low hardenability.
Applications:    Screws, tracks, crank shafts, iron wheels, etc..

Low Carbon Steel:

Properties:    It has good ductility, weldability, machinability.
Applications:  Rivets, Cams, Gears etc.

Alloy Steel:

Properties:    Good Machinability, hardness, and strength.
Applications:  Drills, cutters, bearings etc.


Properties:  It has good corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity, more strength, less weight.
Applications: This is used for cylinder blocks, automobile and aerospace works etc.


Properties: It has a good thermal conductivity, Corrosion resistance, and electrical conductivity.
Applications:  Electrical conductors, cooking utensils, modern automotive, fittings, marine etc.

Cast Iron:

Properties:  It has wear resistance.
Applications:  pipes, automotive parts,bottom parts of machines.

White cast iron:

Properties: Wear resistance,high compressive strength, hardness, brittle.
Applications:   Road rollers, friction plates etc.

Malleable cast iron:

Properties: High ductility.
Applications:  Automotive components, Agriculture applications.

Gray Cast Iron:

Properties: Wear resistance, Good machinability, High compressive strength, shear strength, It is brittle etc.
Applications:   Used for frames, beds for machine tools etc..


Properties:  High resistance to corrosion, and easily machined.
Applications:   Used in the most thing like pipes, frames, commonly used for every day uses.


Properties:  Resists to heat, Abrasion, Elasticity.
Applications: Insulators etc.


Properties: Low density, High strength, less weight, corrosion resistance.
Applications: Huge Engines like aircraft, Structures etc.

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