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Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM): Construction, Working, and types

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM):

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM): Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is used for inspection purpose, this machine inspect the object in contact method. Coordinate measuring machine can connect with the computer to get an accurate and fast output of the object and this helps to change in design on work site.

Construction of coordinate measuring machine:

Computer system: 

A computer is used to store the programs in it and send it to the control unit, we can change the program directly in the computer if required.

Control unit:

This controls the machine according to the programmes designed.

Probe head:

The probe head is used to carry the probe tool.


A probe is a measuring tool which inspects the object placed below to it.


This is to carry the object and moves according to the work.

Working of Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM):

When an object is placed on the work table, Measuring tool probe that used to make contact with the object to inspect it, probe movement can be done through manually or by computer which is given by programs. control unit used to control the machine according to the signal sent by computer programs to it, the data from the probe is collected to the computer where we can view it. by using this type of monitoring system we can save our time in inspection method.

Different types of CMM(Coordinate measuring machine):

Column type: 

This is mostly known as a universal measuring machine. due to high accuracy output, this is mostly used.

Cantilever type:

In this type of measuring machine long length products can measure easily and it required less space.

Bridge type: 

The shape itself explains the construction. this is mostly used in bulk manufacturing industries, it is one of the fast measuring machines with accurate.


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