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Industrial Pollution: Causes of Industrial Pollution

Industrial Pollution

Industrial Pollution: Industrial Pollution is the huge defect for nowadays and this pollution effects the global warming. Industrial pollution is one of the most dangerous wastes developed in different manufacturing industries, food production, hospitals waste etc.. And this industrial pollution is the main cause of pollution on earth. Industrial pollution is the contamination of different dangerous gases, liquid waste etc. and these undesirable emissions are deposited in open land make the air/water pollute. This pollution is high in industrial booming areas.
The main pollution medium takes part in the air, water and toxic. the pollution contained in this particular three areas gets increased day-by-day process. this pollution is the waste developed in industries at the time of different works done.

Industrial waste produces in it are sent out and deposited in open lands/waters this leads to a huge effect on humans and surroundings. some of the industrial wastes are more risk/danger for living things.

Industries like paper, textiles, chemical, rubber, plastic, petroleum, power plants, food products, non-metals, metals, electrical manufacturing units etc.. the waste developed from all these industries takes a part in damaging the environment conditions. which cause huge effects to people.

Pollution effects are more in developed areas than compared to less developed areas. peoples are suffering a lot from these conditions.

Some of the Causes of Industrial Pollution:

Small scale or large industries/factories they don't care about environmental protection and they used to deposit the waste in open lands and this cause huge pollution in air/water.
Some of the manufacturing industries use outdated technology/ideas to deposit the waste they even spent some time on industrial pollution.
This pollution is also due to the Inefficient of waste disposal.
This pollution is also caused by not able to maintain  natural resources.

The environmental conditions are changed more than 8 time than in 1990's. we can understand where we are now at.


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