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Different types of Screwdrivers and their uses - Mechanical Education

Different Types of Screwdrivers:


A Screwdriver is a tool which used for fitting or removing a screw that makes a turning movement in a screw and allows to set in a required path. This process can be done by manual or electrical. A screwdriver is the most common tool we use ever but there is a number of types developed according to the changes came across. A simple screwdriver has a plastic or rubber handle and a grip on it and has different types of tips on the end. There are different shapes on the screw according to the usage, we need to use an exact screwdriver to work on it, this is important due to the different shape of screwdriver transmit different torque and applies the required amount of pressure on it. To withstand turning movement, pressure and corrosion resistance the material should stronger and harder so most of them are made with alloy steel.

Types of Screwdrivers:

Flat Head Screwdriver:

Flat Head screwdriver is the most common type we use ever, this is the simple and widely used compared to anyone, from many years this has been using for fitting or removing purpose,  the shape at the tip has a wedge-shaped flat tip. we can find this screwdriver in most of the tool kits.
This type of tool cannot transmit more torque and there is an easy chance in slipping so we need to choose the exact size required to work on a screw. and we think most of the flat head screwdrivers should need a sharp end but it is not true, the sharp end has higher slipping rate and may damage the top flat grip of a screw or the tip of the tool. this type of tool needs a little flat surface at the end which avoids easy slipping from the screw head.

Phillips Screwdriver:

Phillips type screwdriver has mostly used in automobile industry which has a cross(X) shape at the tip of the tool, this type of tool used to turn the screw with more torque to achieve a required fit but has a little slipping rate. it has more grip to handle. by using only the required size we can work efficiently.

Square Screwdriver:

This type of screwdriver name itself explains the shape of the tool, this is also called as Robertson screwdriver,  it has a square shape at the end of the tool, this type of tool does not slip from screw due to the fixing between tool and screw has clear tolerance. it can transfer more torque and high load can apply onit to turn the nut compared to most of the tools and we can achive more grip due to the shape.

Pozidriv Screwdriver:

Pozidriv tool is the same as Phillips tool but this is developed to increase the torque, contact, decreasing the slip rate etc. In pozidriv tool, the contact surface area is more and this tool is more stable. there is also a high torque transmission possible with less slipping from work. this tool has a self-centering design to fit in work accurately. this type of tool has different sizes which can choose according to the work.

Hexagonal Screwdriver:

The hexagonal screwdriver is also called as hex. it has six sides the very common types of screws are used in construction. this tool has a hexagonal shape at the tip and it has more grip and possible to transfer more torque and less slipping from work. german company has developed this type of tool and has a patent on it. this tool can be used to work on nuts, bolts most of the nuts and bolts are using this shape for fixing so hex tool is highly used in nowadays. we should aware of different sizes in this tool only an exact size is used to tighten or loosen because there are various sizes in this shape may get confused.

Torx Screwdriver:

Torx has a star shape at the tip of the tool and same shape on the screw.
This type of screws is mostly used in the automobile industry. most of these shaped screws are used in vehicles, electronic devices etc. due to the increased in torx screwdrivers, Torx screws are highly used in automobile, construction, electronic goods etc.
This is more stable and efficient.

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