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Metal Pouring Temperature: Mechanical Education

Metal Pouring Temperature:

Metal Pouring Temperature: Metal Pouring Temperature is simply known as temperature of the molten material.When the we want to manufacture a product through the casting process this pouring temperature plays a important role.This temperature is different for different types of metals, there melting point and state of solidification.
To develop a product from casting process, the required metal should melt under high temperature, this melted metal is called as molten metal.When the selected metal is completely melted it contains high temperature and it is ready to a casting process, Here we need to find the molten material temperature.The temperature should not exceed or below the required pouring temperature for casting process.
The process of selecting a required pouring temperature is done according to the type of metal selected for casting.
The temperature of the molten material should be selected before the process done. If the temperature is not selected in a proper way then this results in casting defects.
High temperature can increase the fluidity of molten metal and this gets the fulfilling of a mold cavity, low temperature causes imperfect filling and defects may occur.

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