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Simple Vertical Boiler, Construction, Working and Parts - Mechanical Education

Simple Vertical Boiler:

Simple Vertical Boiler: Simple Vertical Boiler is used where there is a need for low steam. Simple Vertical Boiler generally produces an around 10 bar of pressure, construction of a simple vertical boiler is easy compare to any other boiler.The produced steam in simple vertical boiler is used for low working conditions like in small power plants generating the current.

Working of Simple Vertical Boiler:

There is a great present at the bottom of the boiler, it develops the hot flue gases with the help of burning gas or fuel in it, this hot gases used to flow towards the tubes in which water is present in it, they are arranged in an inclined position to increase the flow rate, the hot gases present around the tubes used to transfer the heat from gases to tubes and tubes used to heat the water present in it, by this steam generates in it and supplied to further uses. the waste gases are passed into the atmosphere by the help of chimney and the ash produced in it is collected by ashpit which is present below the grate.

Main Parts of Simple Vertical Boiler:

The main Important parts of Simple Vertical Boiler is as follows:
  • Grate
  • Inclined tubes
  • Chimney
  • Ashpit
  • Manhole
  • This is the portion that used to develops the hot flue gases in it by burning the fuel.
Inclined tubes:
  • This is used to carry the water in it and it converts into steam by observing the heat from hot flue gases.
  • This allows the waste gases to the atmosphere.
  • It collects the ash produced in the grate.
  • This is used to clean the inside portion of the boiler.


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