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Factory Automation Equipment Manufacturing

Factory Automation Equipment Manufacturing:

Factory automation is an industrial working process with self controlling equipment installed to work under different conditions, that may be done through Industrial robots, Types of machinery, human effort, etc. Most of the Factory or an industrial process is done through a fully automatic system or semi-automatic system nowadays.
When we point out the automation system implemented in a factory the complete process depends upon the equipment used for assembling, machining, welding, cutting, loading, unloading, etc.
Factory automation is an high grade process to increase the quality production for customers.


Automation is introduced by the development of technology from human effort to semi-automatic and from semi-automatic to fully automatic like CNC machines, NC machines, Inspection Machines, etc.
Factory automation process increases the work output, quality supply, increases the production rate, reduces the scrape, time-saving, etc.
Most of the automation work in factories is done with the help of industrial robots like SCARA, Cylindrical, Different axis robots, etc.
Developing in technology helps a factory automation industry by Replacing a human effort with an automation system increases the safety and obtains a continuous work with quality output.
By installing most of the equipment working in an industry with an automatic system can help to design an advanced working process.
Automation system can be used in every working place in industries from industrial monitoring to safety.  It includes Sensors, Cameras, CNC Machines, Robots, equipment used for testing, supplying, inspections. etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Automation system:

  • Using an automation system increases production rate, quality, accuracy, inspection process, etc.
  • Using an automation system decreases human errors, efforts, time and risk working conditions, etc.
  • It decreases scrap production.
  • Obtains a continuous work without rest.
  • Using an Automation system skilled programming persons.
  • Maintenance is high.
  • Installation of an automatic system increases the equipment cost.

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