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Basic Definitions used in engine terminology and IC engine terminology

Basic Definitions used in engine terminology:


The inner diameter of the cylinder is called a bore.


Stroke is the length of the piston moves from the bottom of the cylinder to the top of the cylinder is known as a stroke.

Clearance Volume:

The clearance volume is the space between the top of a cylinder and the top dead centre.

Top Dead Centre:

The top dead centre point is the end point of the piston which moves in the cylinder at the time of combustion process.

Bottom Dead Centre:

When the piston moves in down wards after the combustion process, bottom dead centre is the bottom point that piston travels and raises again for combustion process.

Total volume of the cylinder:

Total volume of the cylinder is calculated when the piston is at bottom dead centre.

Swept Volume;

This is the volume swept by the pistion when reciprocating in between the top dead centre and the bottom dead centre.

Compression ratio:

It is the ratio of total volume to the clerance volume.

Mean Effective Pressure:

Mean effective pressure is the ratio of the engine work to the volume of the cylinder.


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