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Classification of mechanics

Classification of Mechanics:

Classification of Mechanics explains the state of the object when it is in rest or under motion when some force acting on it. Mechanics involves different types of properties like force, acceleration, distance, work, etc this is used to solve the realistic problems under different conditions.
As an Engineer Classification of mechanics is used by applying the principles and existed theories in real problems.

Mechanics is divided into different types to solve the problems in advance, which helps to obtain quality information.
Mechanics is further divided into:

1) Classical Mechanics.

2) Quantum Mechanics.

3) Relativistic Mechanism.

This types of mechanics are used in different fields to solve the real problems by different approaches using existed theories and principles.
Classical mechanics is the most used method to solve problems. Classical mechanics is divided into two types.

1) Direct Approach.

2) Indirect Approach.

To solve the problems using the direct method we required Newton's law and to solve in the indirect method we required energy equations.
Indirect method has two types, they are Lagrange's and Hamilton.
Application Of Mechanics:
Application of mechanics is divided into:

1) Solids:

Solids are divided into two types depending upon the material properties.
*) Rigid.  and  *) Deformable.
Rigid bodies are non-deformable bodies at any force acting on it.
Deformable bodies are subjected to high stress, strain, etc. when an external force is acting on it.

2) Fluids:

Appling mechanics on fluids deals with Viscosity, Ideal and compressible properties.

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