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Difference between solids and fluids

Difference between solids and fluids:

Solids and fluids are the arrangements of molecules in different patterns. This particular arrangement of molecules is different from each other.
In solids, the molecules are arranged in a close and very near to each other there is no gap or space in between solid molecules. With this type of arrangement, the shape of a solid is fixed. But in liquids, the arrangement of molecules is free from each other they can change there position with respect to force acting on it.
Solids cannot change their shape but they can deform when an external force is acting on it, and the solid body get into there original shape when the force is removed. But in fluids, the original shape is not obtained even after the removal of the external force, because it does not contains a fixed shape, fluids take the shape of force acting on it or according to pat set to it.
When a force is acting on a solid object the strain on the object is the function of the applied stress. But in fluids when the force is acting on it the strain is proportional to the applied stress on the fluid.

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