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Engine Sensors and Types of Engine Sensors and How They Work

Engine sensors & Types of Engine Sensors:

Engine sensors are used to observe the performance of the engine. Some of the sensors play a crucial role in the efficient output of an engine. The main function of engine sensors is to calculate the working condition and transfers the actual information to the computerized engine system. Some of the engine sensors are explained below.

Types Of Engine Sensors:

There are different types of Engine Sensors which are used for different types of operations.They are as follows:
  1. Thermocouple Sensor
  2. Oxygen Sensor
  3. Throttle Sensor
  4. Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor
  5. Engine Speed Sensor
  6. Spark Knock Sensor

Thermocouple sensor:

The Thermocouple Sensor is used to calculate the temperature of the coolant and helps to circulate through the radiator. The function of the coolant is to decrease the temperature of the engine. this sensor plays a major role in controlling the temperature of the engine by supplying the coolant through the radiator when the engine temperature is increased.

ThermoCouple Sensor

Oxygen Sensor:

Oxygen Sensor is one of the most important sensors in the engine, this sensor is used to calculate the supply of oxygen and how rich the fuel and oxygen is mixture is burned in the combustion chamber. The firing is clean and balanced only by supplying the required quantity of oxygen into the combustion chamber.

Oxygen Sensor

Throttle Sensor:

Throttle Sensor is used to find the rate of throttle opening to supply the fuel into the combustion chamber. It helps to find the position of throttle which helps to find the quantity of fuel supplied for the combustion process.

Throttle Sensor

Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor:

MAP Sensor is used to find the pressure of intake air and helps to supply the required quantity of air into the combustion chamber. This sensor estimates the intake airflow pressure and controls the supply of airflow. The efficiency of engine performance can be increased with this sensor.
Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor

Engine Speed Sensor:

Engine Speed Sensor is used to calculate the spinning speed of crank shaft.
Engine Speed Sensor

Spark Knock Sensor:

It used to find the burning amount of fuel in the combustion chamber and indicates when the fuel has remained un-burned in the chamber.
Spark Knock Sensor

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