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I3S Technology

I3S Technology:

Idle Start-Stop System Technology has first developed by Toyota and this technology is implemented in Volkswagen and Fiat. It was further developed by "Hero Motocorp" and used in hero splendor i-smart vehicle.
I3S Technology is the most useful one to use in modern vehicles, which controls the emissions and increases the fuel economy. This technology mainly works on engine Start-Stop-Start.
When the engine is running for a certain period in idle condition. I3S Technology stops the engine, and we can restart the engine immediately by pressing the clutch. this technology works with the help of an Electronic Control Unit (ECU).
When the engine is in idle, it takes the rich air-fuel mixture to burn and exhaust emission is more. it decreases the fuel economy and increases pollution. to control this I3S technology stops the engine automatically when the vehicle is in idle condition. there is a certain time fixed to stop the engine at idle. The ECU is used to calculate the time-period and send the signals to stop the engine which is running at the idle condition. we can restart the engine immediately by pressing the clutch.
This technology is more useful at traffic signals.


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