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What are the various forces in fluid

Fluid Forces:

Fluid forces are different kinds which are explained below, different types of forces act on fluids depends on the type of flow like open, closed, low velocity, high velocity, etc.

Gravity force:

 Gravitational Force is seen in open channel flows like Rivers, canals, etc.

Pressure Force: 

Pressure force is seen in pipe flows.

Viscous Force:

 We can observe this kind of force when there is more Viscosity.

Turbulent Force:

 When the effect of viscosity decreases turbulent force is caused.

Compressibility Force: 

When the liquids are flowing in high velocity the compressibility force acts on it.
All these forces are part of external forces acting on the fluid.

Evler's Analysis:

Evler's analysis is a combination of gravitational and pressure force. Evler's equation depends on the motion.
The Evler's equatio is,
 dp/ ρ + gdz + vdv =0
Where, dp = Pressure gradient.
             dz = Datum gradient.
             dv = Velocity gradient.

Navier stokes equation:

The combination of Evler's analysis and viscosity force is called the Navier strokes equation.

Reynold analysis:

The combination of the Navier stroke equation and turbulent force is called Reynold analysis.


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