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Benson Boiler


It is a forced circulation high pressure water tube boiler.
It can operate at critical pressure of 225 bar at critical pressure the water and steam has same density.
In this  danger form of bubble formation can be easily eliminated and water transfer into steam with out boiling in this boilers the drum is completely eliminated. it employes a forced circulation and steam is generated in single pass.
          it can produce fast steam. it has both type of enter and exist type.
It takes feed water at one end and discharge it at another end
          To get evaporate partly through radiant parallel tube section,the high pressure of water is                       circulated through economiser and pumped through it.
 It is converted in to steam when both of water and steam enter in to the transit section.then it is passed in to superheated. then the superheted steam is supplied in to prime mover.

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