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Difference between the Davis type steering gears and Ackermann type steering gears

1.In ackermann steering gear mechanism is placed on the back of the front wheel axle.
2.It present of turning pair.
3.It subjected to low wear and tear.
4. ackermann steering mechanism is not highly used than davis type.
4.It does not required more effort at turning .
5.It needs less space than davis steering gear mechanism.
6.Skidding is high in ackermann.
7.Tire wearing is low in this mechanism.
8. Ackermann steering gear is an approximate mechanism.
9.Maintenance of ackermann steering gear mechanism is low/easy.
1.The Davis steering gear mechanism is placed on the front of the front wheel axle.
2.Davis steering gear mechanism present with both turning and sliding pair.
3.More wear and tear is involved.
4. Davis mechanism is highly used than ackermann mechanism.
4.This mechanism required more effort at the time of turning.
5.Davis steering gear mechanism require large space than ackermann.
6.Skidding is low in davis steering gear mechanism.
7.It has more tire wear than ackermann and skidding property.
8.Davis steering gear mechanism is an clear/perfect mechanism.
9.Davis steering gear mechanism is more/high in maintenance.

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