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Difference between turret and capstan lathe

Difference between Turret Lathe and Capstan Lathe:



1. Turret is mounted on the saddle which slides directly on the bed.
2.In this cutting tool can move complete length of the bed and can machine longer work piece.
3.It gives high rigidity to the tool support by placing the saddle directly on the bed.
4. Heavy cutting force can be handle by it
5.It is suitable for large and heaver chuck work.
6.These are equipped with crosswise movement of the hexagonal turret
1.The Capstan is mounted on the ram which slides over saddle.
2.Cutting tool cannot moved along the full length of the bed.
3.It results in less rigid constructions because of the over hanging.
4.By moving slide on the saddle the tools are feed.
5.This are used for less speed cutting and relative lighter and smaller jobs.
6.There is no crosswise movement of turret.

Turret Lathe:

Turret lathe machine is a cutting machine, which is used to work on heavy and long operations. In turret lathe machining operation the cutting speed is relatively high compared to capstan lathe. 

 Capstan Lathe:

Capstan Lathe machine is also a cutting machine, but capstan lathe  machining is used on lighter operations and this machine has low cutting speed.

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