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Drilling Machine and different types of Drilling Machine

Drilling Machine and different types of Drilling Machine:

Drilling Machine: In this article we will learn about drilling machine and different types of drilling machine. The drilling machine is the most used process that used to make holes on the required area, drilling can be done with the help of the rotating tool which is provided at the front of the handle, by this machining process, the holes cannot be perfectly done, this is due to handling defects or improper cutting tool. due to different reasons drilling machine does not produce a perfect hole to make it into a perfect or exact required hole it used to undergoes in to boring and reaming. This makes the drilled hole with good surface finish and also makes the hole enlarged.

Drilling machine uses multi-point cutting tool make the holes on the work piece.

Different Types of Drilling Machines:

  • Radial drilling machine.
  • Gang drilling machine.
  • Portable drilling machine.
  • Bench drilling machine.

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