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What is centrifugal clutch

What is centrifugal clutch:

The centrifugal clutches are usually placed into the motor pulleys. the centrifugal clutch is not so reliable. But this clutch is more useful. This centrifugal clutch helps to increase the speed and which makes the shoe to press harder and helps to increases the torque to transmit.
There is a shoe provided inside the rim of the pulley. The shoe with outer area/surrounding is covered with the help of friction material, to move the shoe  radially they provided with guides in it. To connect this type of clutch with the driving shaft it uses centrifugal force, due to this force the shoes present in the clutch gets increases the force by increasing the speed of the shaft.
When the centrifugal force gets overcomes the spring force the shoes move outward and get in connect with the driving shaft.
Centrifugal clutch has more possibility to transfer more torque with the help of high pressure applied by the shoes provided init.

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