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What is Friction Clutches

Friction Clutches:

The friction clutches are used to transmit the power from engine to driving shaft and machine which is used to stop or start when ever it is required. Friction clutches are generally  used in transfer the load/power at required level of power to transform.
The clutches transmit the power by connecting from engine to driving shaft, The arrangement of baring should be in proper, and they should be attached in close/tight tolerance to clutch. 

1. By developing the frictional force in between contact surface of the part that carry the weight/load applied on it and maintain the required contact improves the power transmission.
 low pressure between the contact surface.

 2. Heat generated by the friction should be rapidly dissipated.

    There are some type of friction producing clutches.
                    I. Plate or disc clutches.
                   II. Cone clutches.
                  III. Centrifugal clutches.

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