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What is Gear Train and Explain the Different Types of Grain Train?

 Tow or more gear are made to contact with each other to transmit power from one shaft to another is called gear train.
 There are different types of gear trains ,
                                          1. Simple gear train.
                                          2. Compound gear train.
                                          3. Reverted gear train.
                                          4. Epi-cyclic gear train. 

1.Simple gear train:

Simple gear trains are one of widely used gear train, In this gear train it contains a series of gears which are connected in parallel shafts and they used to transmit the motion from one gear to the next gear.

 2. Compound gear train:

In this type of compound gear train there is a common shaft which used to connect with two or more gears, which contains a series of gears in it, this is called compound gear train.

 3. Reverted gear train:

When there is a co-inside in a compound gear train, which is obtained by the axis of first and last gears, then this is said to be a reverted gear train.

 4. Epicyclic gear train:

Epi-cyclic gear train is nothing but, there should be one gear which used to revolves around the another one, then this is called epi-cyclic gear train.
 There of two types in Epi-cyclic gear train
 I. Simple Epi-cyclic gear train.
 II. Compound Epicyclic gear train.

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