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What is Governing of Turbine?

Governing of turbine:

It is used to run the turbine at high speed or at low speed  or at constant speed can be maintain by the governing is called governor of turbine. when there is varying different loads the turbine should run with specified speed if not it causes huge damages, to get this specified speed governor is used.
         This is used to maintain the speed of turbine constant at the time of fluctuations. equipment                 used for governor is also called as governing.

         working of governor:

Governor can done by regulating the flow of steam in to the turbine during various condition as the speed increases, the governor supply less quantity of steam then it reduces the speed of the turbine, when the turbine runes slowly the supply of steam is increased then it increases the speed, it is important to maintain the governor for run the turbine at required work.
It regulates the flow of the water according to the working conditions.
          There are different types of Governing systems.
           * Throttle Governing: This is used to flow the steam according to the supply required. at some              times there are valves that opens according to the requirement.

           * Nozzle Governing: this is worked on the valves control each stage of nozzle is controlled by             valves.
            There are also different types of Governors:
           * Centrifugal governors: This is used to control the speed of engine by balancing the centrifugal force by rotating the ball that are equal mass and opposite radial force is known as centrifugal governor.
  There are two types.
  1] Pendulum type. 2] Load type.

 If there is a high load on engine then the speed of governor decreases, by this the fuel supply used to decrease and gives result in decreased output.

           * Inertia governor: In this by the help of angular acceleration and radiation of spindle the governor is controlled. at varying loads it is more sensitive. the response is quick and faster than centrifugal.

Governing of pelton turbine:

Governing of Pelton Turbine in this pelton turbine servo mechanism is used to centrifugal type of watt governor is shown:
1.  Oil Pump
2.  Servo Meter
3. Oil Sump
4. Pipe and Spear Connections
5. Control Valve
6. Centrifugal Governor.

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