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What is a Reamer and types of reamers.


Reamer is the process of finishing the existing hole to the close tolerance and to obtain a smooth surface finish,  reaming is a multi tooth cutter, which rotates and moves linearly into the hole, it is always carried out after drilling or boring.
By this smooth and accurate holes are made.
The reaming operations cannot be performed for correcting the misalignment of the hole.
it is generally termed as finishing operation and hence a small amount of material is removed.
as the reamer follows the existing hole, The wear is caused in reamer due to any misalignment in hole.

Types of reamers:

Hand Reamer:
 This is used to do work by the help of hand is called hand reamer.
The material removed by this is not more than 0.127.

In this they are classified in to two types called, Fluted reamers and Rose reamers.
Fluted: this type of reamers are straight or tapered shank and this has more teeth than rose.
Rose: In this the teeth are at end and the shank is straight or taper.

Taper Reamers:
This type of reamer is used for finishing and roughing.

Shell Reamer:
This are large in size, and manufactured both in rose type and fluted type .
This is different from solid type due to they do not have shank.

Carbide tipped reamer:
This can used for high cutting speed is needed due to present of carbon in it.
this can  work at heavy loads, and can return cutting edge under high temperature.

Taper pin reamer:
This type of reamer is used to finishing process in taper pin holes, this has standard taper about 20mm per meter along it's body.

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