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Shaper Machine working principle, parts and applications

What is shaper machine:

Shaper machine is a multipurpose machine used for producing flat surface on work piece.The cutting tool reciprocates against the stationary work piece, during machining.This is used to making Grooves, slots etc..


In shaper machine Cutting tool is held in tool post which is mounted on ram. The tool moves in the horizontal direction, to remove the material from the work piece. In shaper machine reciprocating motion of ram is done by quick return motion mechanism, Feed is given by the moment of table. the cutting action take place in forward stroke of tool and return stroke remains in idle.

Main parts of shaper machine:

 Base: It is made up of cast iron this is mounted on the floor depending up on size base also act as reservoir which is used as oil storage tank. by this oil is supplied to moving parts at the time of operation.

Column: It is a box which is placed on the base about vertical axis, in this the mechanism of ram driven is present column. This is accurately mounted to hold ram and cross rail.

Ram: It is the main moving part of the shaping machine and it used to make cutting process by carrying the tool head.

Table: This is with T-slot Cutting on it, this slots are used to hold the cross rail by this the table can move in vertical and horizontal.

Tool Head: Tool head is attached to the front of swivel head to make angular cuts.

Saddle: It is mounted on cross rail which holds table firmly, for making crosswise movement to saddle a cross feed screw is placed in it.


1. It used for machining flat surfaces like horizontal, vertical or inclined.

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