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Twist drill and its Advantages

Twist Drill:

In this article, we are going to learn about twist drill, a twist drill is a cutting tool which is made by cylindrical steel, this type of drill is mainly used for making holes, drilling etc.
Twist drill contains a sharp edge at its end to cut the work piece circularly layer by layer when the twist drill rotates on the surface of the work piece.
twist drill consists special grooves termed as flutes along its length to allow and make to escape the removed material from the work piece  through this grooves.
on the body of the twist drill, there are two spiral flutes which are present on the full length of the drill body

ADVANTAGES of twist drill:

1)It consumes less power comparatively for same size and depth of hole.
2)Cutting edge is remains for long life period,.
3)Flutes produce easy passage for the chip to escape from the hole.
4)It reduce the operation time, by producing high speed and feed with required safety.

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