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Zeroth Law of Thermo Dynamics

Zeroth Law of Thermo Dynamics:

lt states that, when two bodies A and B are in thermal equilibrium with a body C, then the bodies A and B are also in thermal equilibrium with each other.

considering a reference body having a certain physical characteristics, which change with temperature, we can measure the temperature. The change in temperature is indicated by the
change in the selected characteristic.
This selected characteristic is known as thermometric property and the reference body as thermometer.
A very common type of thermometer used contains small amount of mercury which is present in a capillary tube and it expands when it gets in contact  with a hot body.

 Let us consider an example
Consider a vessel containing hot water. Then insert a thermometer into the hot water, due to this the mercury gets hot and expands. Then it reaches a state of thermal equilibrium with water. The temperature of water is known from the scale on thermometer.The highest point at which mercury is present is the temperature of the water.

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