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Inversions of single Slider Crank shaft

Inversions of single Slider Crank shaft

The single Slider Crank Chain is a four link mechanism. this is used for converting the circular rotation of crank link into straight line motion of  piston rod in a cylinder. As we know that by fixing , turning etc.. With the help of different links in a kinematic chain process, we can get/obtain different types of  inversions of single slider crank chain.
The different types of mechanism are shown below for clear understanding.                                          Inversion of single slider crank shaft is shown in figure below



 In this Bull engine or pendulum pump mechanism, We can move the both pistons at a time with the help of crank shaft by attaching to the connecting rod to make an osillations and makes the piston rod reciprocates, by this we can obtain a linear straight line motion.
In this we use two pistons that attached to link 1. that is used to move the two pistons at a time by rotating the crank shaft.

2) Ossilating Cylinder Engine:

The arrangement of the Oscillating Cylinder Engine is used to convert the  rotary motion in to a reciprocating motion. In this process there is a fixed connecting rod which used to form turning pair at a fixed point of link 3 and cylinder.
With this fixed position of connecting rod, piston rod reciprocates when the crank shaft makes rotation. and cylinder osillates at a fixed point of connecting rod at link A.

3)Rotary Internal combustion engine or Gnome engine:

It consist of a seven cylinders in one plane and all revolve about a fixed center D, as shown in the figure there is only single crank shaft which is connected to seven connecting rods which helps the piston moves in straight line. To get the a sequence in piston motion all the connecting rods are connected to the fixed crank shaft, by this the pistons move to and fro motion one after another with exact moment between them. 
This type of rotary internal combustion is used in aviation. But now a days gas turbine is using this type of engine. 

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