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Mounting of a grinding wheel & precautions.

Mounting of a grinding wheel 

Mounting of a grinding wheel & precautions to be observed during mounting can be explained as follows:
Grinding wheel mountings are the most important principle/standard one, this gives protection when there is any misalignment in it. This wheel is used to run with high speed, so it should handle carefully. If there is any unwanted things wheel causes huge damage to persons near to it.so we should be careful while operating it. 

There are two flanges are which is above and below the spindle are mounted on both side of the grinding wheel. One is fitted to back and front of grinding wheel. We can adjust the back flange by the help of key to get in a required place at the time of operation.

precautions to be observed during mounting:


1. The wheels should be balanced before mounting. 
2. The wheel can be fitted easily.
3. There is a use of water washer should be used in between the wheel and flanges.
4. Running the wheel freely for sometime is safe after mounting.
5. The size of wheel diameter should be at least twice the diameter of flange.
6. On either side of flanges should be with sufficient clearance of grinding wheel.
7. The flatness of wheels on both sides check correctly
8. Both sides of the flanges should be equal in size.
9. The speed should be maintain correctly.
10. For safe use the lubrication is used perfectly.

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