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Talysurf surface meter principle and operation - Mechanicaleducation.com

Talysurf Surface Meter Principle & Operation

Talysurf is used to measure the surface roughness by electronic principle, it has the stylus and skid type instrument used for measuring.
This type of electronic means has rapid and accurate as compared to other surface meter.
It consists of sharp pointed diamond stylus in a measuring head. in this the stylus has very small radius of 0.002mm tip and skid traversed the surface by the driving motor.
In this instrument, the stylus traces the profile of the surface and deflections of stylus is converted in to electric current.
The armature is pivoted about the center of the E-shaped stamping, which has two coils. This two coils forms an oscillator, which is a pure electronic mean. As the armature is pivoted, any deflections of the stylus causes the air gap to change and thus the amplitude of the current flowing in the coil is modulated. The out put is determined, which that the current is directly proportional to the deflection of the stylus. Hence surface roughness is determined through electronic system.

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