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Jerk Type Injector Cross Sectional View

Jerk Type Injector Cross Sectional View

The main parts of jerk type diesel pump are as Follows
1.Delivery valve
3.Toothed sleeve
4.Control rack

1. Delivery valve:

     This Delivery valve is placed at the top region of the pump.this pump has constructed to pass the fluid through longitudinal and angular grooves.it has a different type of special construction.

2. Plunger:

     Plunger is presented at the centre of the pump and and it is used to control the supply quantity of fuel to be injected.its upperend has helix in shape and has vertical slot.

3.Toothed Control Sleeve:

Thoothed Control Sleeve is used to supply the fuel in correct quantity of fuel and to control the angular position of the plunger by this correct amount of fuel is supplied.this pinion meshes with control rack.

4. Control rack:

     Control Rack is to control the sleeve it causes to and fro motion. Which is used to rotate the plunger in desired direction. For this purpose rack is imparted by reciprocating motion by accelerating pedal through linkage.

5. Lug:

     Lug is the lower region of the jerk pump. It is on the plunger and fixed in to the cut slot at the bottom of the toothed sleeve. By this toothed sleeve is in contact with teeth on control rack.

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