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Anti-Freezes Uses


It is used at some places that falls below zero degrees temperature. Due to zero degrees when the water from the cooling system enters in to the engine jackets and at certain stage, at zero degrees it gets freeze by this the engine parts may gets damage like cylinder blocks, pipes and radiator etc.. this is happened when there is below zero degrees.
    This type of solution is added to water where it falls zero degrees. It used to lower the water freezing temperature below the freezing point to the normal water cooling. It will is ethylene glycol added to water to protect from freezing.it gets in cheep and easily combine with water.
Requirements for antifreeze.
1. The cost should be low.
2. The anti freezing solution should have easy combine with water.
3. The water carrying cooling system should not get corrosive by using solution.
4. It should protect freezing at lowest possible temperature

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