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Brakes at Parking Areas

 Brakes at Parking Areas:

 Hand Brake:

This type of brakes are used in passenger vehicles, transportation etc. This is a important system in vehicle which is applied when the vehicle is places a side like used after the vehicle is parked. This provides the no moment or no motion in vehicle after the parking to do not get in contact with other vehicles which is near by it. brake liver mechanism is applied in this system.Which is at the left side of the driver. By applying hand  brakes the rotation of  transmission shaft is used to stop, by this the vehicle cannot move in any direction. and gets control over it.

Rear wheel type parking brake:

In this type it consist of different systems like idler lever, emergency lever and pull back spring.
In this braking method idler lever is placed cross member of chassis on it. With the help of emergency lever pull rod is connected with a idler lever. When the brakes are used to apply, with the  action of pull back spring an idler lever spring is pulled forward against to spring. And by this the connection between the cables with rear wheels are also pulled and stops the vehicle.
Propeller or Transmission shaft Brake.

There are three types of brake groups.

1. Internal expanding type.
2. External contracting type.
3. Disc type.

This type of brakes are used to stop with in the rotation of transmission or propeller by this the complete moment of vehicle is used to stop with out wheels brakes.
In this the total moment of vehicle stops in the transmission system.

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