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Components Required For Vane Type Compressor


The different type of parts are used to run the compressor is:
      1.Suction pipe
      2.Sliding vanes
      6.Roller bearings
      7.Discharge pipe

The vanes are generally made up of steel and nonmetallic materials such as finer or carbon is used.

1.Suction pipe:

             It is used to flow of fluid into the rotor inlet. It is used to flow the large quantity of fluid into the cylinders.

2.Sliding vanes:

            This vanes are present on the rotors which slides into the slots provided on the rotor. This are made up of steel and non metallic materials called carbon and fiber.


        Rotor is the rotating part of compressor. It uses the electricity supply to rotatr. It has equal number of slots that to vanes.it provides the sliding motion and it forces the fluid towards the discharge pipe by compression.


       Casing is used to prevent the leakage losses between the vanes and cylinder. Casing is important role in compressing the fluid in a vane type. It is designed in such a way that suction and delivery pipes are not in symmetrical to each other.


        This type of valves are also known as non return valve. This is provided before the discharge pipe to avoid  the back flow of fluid.

6.Roller bearings:

        It is provided at the end to support the rotors.

7.Discharge pipe:

          It is used to pump the fluid out (compressed fluid) from the cylinder passing through the valve.

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