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Effects of emission from automobile engines on human beings

Effects of emission from automobile engines on human beings

1. Hydro carbon ------- lunge diseases.
2. Lead ------------ blood cancer.
3. Carbon monoxide------------ heart blood circulatory problem.
4. Nitrogen oxides---------- asthma/bronchitis.

1.   Carbon Monoxide (CO):

It is odorless, colorless, and  a poisonous gas. This is formed due to the in complete combustion.


     Newly born children/unborn children/heart diseased people are more effected by this gas.

2. Sulphur Dioxide:

    When the sulphur is burnt in the combustion chamber of diesel engine and when it is emitted in to the atmosphere it causes danger.


     It mainly function on the air passages and on the asthma people, and also for small children's.

3. Ozone:

      Ozone presented at the ground level is known as SMOG. This is totally different from the upper atmosphere ozone layer. It is formed when the HC and NO combine in presence of sunlight and air at ground level.


   It is more effected to lung tissue in the body.
   It causes chest pains and coughing.
   It decreases the ability of lungs working.
   It is more dangerous for healthy peoples also.

4. Lead:

Gasoline has reduced lead content.


   It reduces mental ability.
   It can increase blood pressure and can damage organs, blood and nerves.

5. Nitrogen Dioxide:

If there is Nitrogen dioxide include in emission. It is produced.


  Health problems.
  Ozone smog formation.

6. Toxic Air Pollution:

They are benzene and formaldehyde from automobile emission.


  They cause birth defects.

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