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Fuel feed system in diesel engines

Fuel feed system in diesel engines:

In this process the air is taken into the cylinder and compressed during the compression stroke and fuel is directly passed through the combustion chamber with high pressure at the end of compression stroke.the fuel inside the chamber burns due to the compressed air or self ignition. For this fuel supply a special pump is used to pump the fuel at high pressure.

It is divided in to two systems they are as follows:

1.Individual pump system.
2.Common rail system.

Individual pump system:

   This type of pump system has of high pressure pumps for cylinder for controlling and for supplying the required quantity of fuel at required pressure tot he cylinder.there are different stages of passing the fuel in to the cylinder it is taken from the storage tank and to the primary filter, and to the secondary filter, low pressure pump and to the final stage. It is the most efficient injection used in now a days

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