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Fuels Used in IC Engines

Fuels Used in IC Engines

A fuel is used to liberates enormous amount of heat by combustion.the fuel used in IC engine should have some properties. Because the properties of fuel affects the performance, durability and design etc.

Properties of fuel used in IC Engines

. High calorific value
. Anti-knocking quality
. Stability at high temp
. Easy in transportation and storage
. Less toxicity
. Less pollution.

There are many solid, liquid, and gasses fuel, which satisfies the above conditions.

1. Gaseous fuels.

   . Natural gas. SI
   . Biogas.          SI
   . Manufactured gas. SI
   . By product gas. SI

2. Liquid fuels.

   . Benzol.  SI
   . Alcohol.  SI
   .  Petrol.   SI

 3. Diesel fuel. 

   . Diesel oil.  CI
   . Fuel oil.      CI
   . Light diesel oil. CI
   . Heavy diesel oil. CI

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