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liquid Gas Refrigeration advantages and disadvantages


Refrigeration is used to maintain and to reduce the temperature below that the surrounding temperature. It is done by the process of removing heat from an object under controlled conditions.
It is used to store the products at required temperature.
Ice can be manufactured easily through refrigeration.

Advantages of Liquid Gas Refrigeration:

 .This refrigeration is used to preserve food longer period.
 .The refrigerator cause rapid freezing of living tissues.
 .Controlling of refrigerating effect is easy.
 .The liquid gas refrigeration are easily available.

Disadvantages of Liquid Gas Refrigeration:

. In this COP of the system is low.
. The  refrigeration cost is high in case of non availability of by product.
. When it encountered with warmer media refrigeration effect reduces rapidly.


. It is highly used for frozen foods.
. It is used in the field of cryogenics.
. It is used to preserve blood cells.

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