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Merits and demerits of using hydrogen as a fuel

Merits and demerits of using hydrogen as a fuel

Merits of using hydrogen as a fuel

Hydrogen can obtained from various resources and it is highly available in the environment.and it can also get by hydrolysis of water.
It causes less pollution due to complete burn of air fuel mixture.
It has no carbon content.
It does not contain any harmful gas by emission.
By the leakage of fuel in to atmospheric does not cause any damage.
It has high efficiency.
It has also auto ignition temperature but it require a considerable amount of energy to burn.
It has high rate of burning.
It is more air fuel mixture by using hydrogen than by using petrol air mixture.

Demerits of using hydrogen as a fuel

Due to the lower energy density the storage is difficult.
Liquid form of hydrogen requires well insulated fuel tank.
For an gaseous hydrogen it required high pressurised vessel. This increases the cost of maintenance   cost.
volumetric efficiency of the engine reduces when we use gaseous of hydrogen.
Flame temperature of hydrogen is very high.
Detonation is more.
Now a days the production of fuel is high in cost.

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