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Regenerative Air Cooling System and working

Regenerative Air Cooling System.

Regenerative Air Cooling System is the another modified form of simple cooling system and it is additionally presented with a heat exchanger. Regenerative air cooling is used when the cooling turbine discharge temperature of a simple system is more. And this types are mostly is used in supersonic aircraft and rockets also.

                     Regenerative Air Cooling System

Working of Regenerative Air Cooling System:

 The high pressure and temperature of air entering from the main compressor is cooled, with the help of ram air in primary heat exchanger. In primary heat exchanger ram air is used as heat sink then in the Regenerative heat exchanger air is further cooled, in this a part of cold air from turbine is discharged used as heat sink. the final cooling of air is completed in the cooling turbine where the expansion takes place.

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