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Slow Steering and Fast Steering

Slow Steering and Fast Steering:

Slow steering:

Slow steering is known as when the stub axle is high, in this when the ratio between the steering wheel and the corresponding angle of stub axle is high then it is known as slow steering system.
In this system we need to apply more turning effort on steering than fast steering system.
By the help of steering wheel we can turn pitman arm this uses to move the steering arm to makes tyre to turn.
In this turning angle of  slow steering is more than fast type  system.
In this type of steering system easier steering of the vehicle is  formed due to higher steering ratio. we should turned more to get high steering ratio.

 Arrangement of Slow Steering System

Fast steering:

 In this type of steering system we can make a turn with a slight rotation.In this fast steering system the angle of stub axle is low. When the ratio between the steering wheel and respected angle in stub axle is low.
this type of system is used to apply less energy or less effort when turning is needed.
In this lower steering ratio provides less steering wheel movement. By this movement it produces a desired steering effect.
It does not required more turning movement of steering to turn the wheel more, only a slight rotation of steering provides a effective turn.
It can produce easy turn than slow steering system.

Arrangement of Fast Steering System

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