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Steering Linkages

Steering Linkages:

Steering linkages are known as when the driver is used to supply a turn by the help of steering wheel to the front wheel by the help of linkages this is known as steering linkages. This type is depends on  rigid axle suspension system.
The mechanism of various links between steering gear box and the front wheel is called as steering linkages. It is used to transfer the side to side or front to rare movement of Pitman arm into the both sides of left to right turns of wheels.

In this the cross shaft of the steering gear box at its upper end is connected by the pitman. The lower end is connected to dark link through a ball joint. And the linkrod arm is connected by the link rod at the other end and the rod wheel is mounted. In this the each stub axle has a forged track bolted to the wheel axis.and the track rod is connected by the track rod arm at the other ends by means of ball joints.

The linkages are of five types they are.
. Conventional.
. Centre arm.
. Direct cross type .
. Relay type.
. Three piece type.

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