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About Steam Jet Refrigeration System working and it's parts

 Steam Jet Refrigeration System:

The steam jet refrigeration system applies the principle of boiling the water under 100°C by the process of reducing the pressure on the water surface below atmospheric pressure.
There are various components/parts in this system.
They are 
. Evaporator
. Condenser
. Ejector
. Nozzle

1. Evaporator:

      The evaporator is a large insulated vessel, this is used to spray the water which is filled with perforated pipes. to prevent the raise in temperature  of water it is insulated due to the ambient temperature. The water is compressed and delivered to the condenser, from which the heated water comes from the refrigerated.

2. Condenser:

    The main function about this is, the mixture of both water vapore and steam is coming from the ejector and flash chamber is used to condensate. To increase the temperature, The mixture of this is compressed by passing them in to the Venturi tube of the ejector. By this process the temperature and pressure of this mixture rises and enters in to the water cooled condenser, and gets condensed. This is used as feed, this water which is passed to the boiler after condensed.

3. Ejector:

     It is the important component in this system. this is used to compress the water vapour coming out from the flash chamber and returns to the boiler. this is to increase the velocity,in this steam velocity is highly increased due to the high pressure from the boiler expands in to the convergent- diverdent nozzle. This causes high increases in steam velocity.

4. Nozzle.

      It is used to operate at low pressure ratio in between nozzle throat and outlet. If the pressure ratio is less than 200 in nozzle is undesirable,as it is a poor ejector efficiency.

Working of Steam Jet Refrigeration System:

     In this  water is filled with flash chamber,this is to produced high pressure steam due to steam boilers,  the steam is passed through the nozzle with an high velocity. By this low pressure is obtained in the flask chamber and  in a short period of time water evaporates. And this Evaporated water enters in to the ejector and it gets compressed in it and This compressed steam is passed into the condenser and this condensed is used to returns into the boiler.

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