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What is Infiltration Load, Air- conditioning, Recuperation

Explain Infiltration Load, Air- conditioning, Recuperation:


When an amount of air is enter in to the conditioned room through doors, windows. this is due to the pressure  difference on two sides of doors, window etc... this type of passing air is known as infiltrated air, this type of effect is caused due to the stack effect, wind pressure. this type of pressure difference and passing through different types of entries is known as air infiltration. when the load developed by the infiltration phenomenon is known as infiltration load.


It is the process of controlling the properties of air such as temperature, moister, rate of flow. etc..


The process is known as recuperation when it is carried through recuperator. It is known as heat transfer from one fluid to another fluid flowing in different tubes, in this process there is no mixing of fluids.
This is done in automobile radiators, preheaters, condensers etc....

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